by Serge Hollerbachby Serge Hollerbach
Dear Friends,

Between January 21, 2014, when we opened our doors on Atlantic Avenue, and September 30, 2014, we provided a safe haven for over 1,100 people. Each guest was offered two meals, dinner and breakfast, the opportunity to shower and do laundry, and spend the night in a safe, peaceful and caring environment. Beyond this, I am so happy to report that our on-site service partners have been busy providing vital services to our guests.

In the past three months alone, 55 guests were linked directly to the Camden County Board of Social Services here in our building, 112 received medical services in our health clinic, 99 were connected to mental health services, 128 with addiction services, 25 with legal services and 79 with Veterans services. Good things are happening in the lives of our guests. And, in truth, this is possible because of your support. Please continue to help us.

Our cost per night per guest is $25 and we need your help with covering this cost. Can you sponsor a guest for a few nights, a week or even more by giving what you can today? We simply cannot continue this ministry without you.

Know that you are always welcome, so stop in anytime. We're here Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and of course, seven nights a week 9pm to 9am.

All Blessings,
John Klein.
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